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   Cellocrete Sheet
     Type of cellocrete sheet
     Size and Weight
     Texture of Cellocrete Sheet
     Technical Qualification
   Cellocrete Sheet Installation
     On T-BAR frame
     On wooden frame
     Shell,Dome as ceilling-wall
     2 Sheets on wall frame
     Instead of bricks
     Sound absorbing wall
     On lining boards (concrete floor)
     Thermal Insulator
   CT Roof Deck Slab Tile
     Technical Qualification
     Cellocrete Sheet
     CT Roof Deck Slab Tile
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 Cellocrete Sheet (Wood Wool Cement Board)



Cellocrete sheet manufacturing is a technology 
introduced from Germany and its first production in Thailand 
started in year 1956 by Cellocrete Thai Co.,Ltd.
Since then, the product has been developed and
at present it gains widely a recognition and trust in its quality and 
uses in the construction sector. Cellocrete Sheet is 
the only construction material having many outstanding qualifications 
and can  be used in almost every part of construction building.


(energy saving, thermal insulation 
and sound absorption)


Cellocrete Sheet is manufactured 
by mixing cement witch wood wool 
and compressing tightly by machinery. 
It is used as a substitute for wood 
in building walls, roofs, ceilings, 
concrete slab formworks, etc. 

Cellocrete Sheet is equipped with 
many outstanding qualifications :
Lightweight, thermal  insulating, sound absorbing, fire resistant, 
sunlight and rains durable,
termite safe. Besideds, its surface can be 
adorned with cement same as brickworks 
and is easy for the procedures of sawing, 
shaving and nailing same as wood.


Qualifications of Cellocrete Sheets

The  followings are some qualifications 
of cellocrete sheets:
    -  10 times lighter than bricks/1m2
    -  Thermal insulating
    -  Sound absorbing
    -  Fire resistant, sunlight and rain durable
    -  Termite safe
    -  Easy to be sawed, planed and nailed, 
        same as wood



 Material  Excellence

Cellocrete sheet have been selected by
Material ConneXion Bangkok*
(That is materials lobrary for design of the first in Asia.)
and got award
Certificte of Material Excellence  2008

*Material ConneXion Bangkok
is part of Thailand Creative&Design Center (TCDC) 
6th Floor, The Emporium Shopping Complex
622 Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok 10110 Thailand



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